Friday, August 14, 2009

The Different Faces of Friendship

There are several people in my life that I consider good friends. I don't see some of them as frequently as others and I have varied relationships with each of them. I do, however, consider each of them to be an important part of my life.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary describes the word friend as "one attached to another by respect or affection." This accurately describes my relationship with my friends.

Though we may move in different circles and each have other friends we are not acquainted with, we still share that special bond of mutual respect and affection.

We meet friends in different ways and at different periods in our lives. Some are from our childhood, some from school days and some from social or job situations. Out of all the people that surround us in our daily lives, certain ones seem to share an aura of attraction, which pulls us together somehow. You know how you can be standing with a group of people at a party or social function and there is just something about one of them that makes you want to get to know him or her better? That's the way friendship starts.

Friends come and go in our lives. Some we lose contact with over the years, but some become friends for life. I have several small clusters of friends who shared a part of my life and with whom the sharing continues. I even have a couple "best friends," who don't know each other, but are considered best friends because of special times we have shared.

What would life be without friends? Most of us have families, co-workers and a network of other people in our lives. But our friends are the ones we turn to when we need someone to confide in, seek comfort from or simply have fun with. And the best part about friends is, we know they are in our lives because they choose to be. They don't have to be they want to be. And one of the best and therapeutic things in life is to have a day or evening or even a weekend with a good friend. It's an escape from the harsh realities of life and a good way to get things back in perspective.

So, thanks to all my friends for keeping me grounded and for always being there for me. I love you all!


Michelle said...

So true! And I love you, my wonderful friend!

Anonymous said...

I agree..very well said Dina!